Are the Originate Mykonos timepieces handmade in Mykonos, Greece?

Yes, indeed! Our headquarters is proudly based in Mykonos, Greece and our team puts lots of tender, love, and care into each product. Our wooden woods are top quality exotic woods to create unique timeless timepieces.

What are the wooden parts of the timepiece made of?

The wooden parts of the timepiece are made of exotic top quality woods. Our products are made using natural wood and have only natural colorations. We don't use any toxic chemicals to treat or protect them.
The mechanism movement and other mechanical parts are selected carefully from top manufacturers so we can provide you with a watch product of high quality that will leave you 100% satisfied.

What is the leather strap made of?

In order to maintain our high quality, we hand pick genuine Italian leather and then also handmake the watch straps in order to achieve durability for everyday wear.

What is the length of battery life? 

Normally the battery life is between 2-4 years but there are several factors that can affect its duration, such as heat or cold.

What type of movements are used?

During our thorough research while designing the Originate wooden timepieces, we decided to go with Swiss Ronda Quartz Movement for our collections, which is one of the most well known movement manufacturers in the Swiss industry, made to the highest quality standards.

Are your watches waterproof?

Our watches are water resistant. Meaning they can withstand casual rain drops or splashes as you wash your hands, as long as you wipe them in a short amount of time.  They are not designed to be taken underwater because that would create damage to the movement and to the wooden parts as well. Please avoid all contact with water, as water damage is not covered under our warranty.

What is the best way to clean my watch?

The best way to clean your wooden watch is by using the microfiber cloth provided. Use it to clean out any dirt buildup on the glass or casing of the watch and wipe it clean. Please also refer to the care instructions provided with the packaging.

Are Originate Mykonos products under warranty?

We provide 2 years guarantee for the movement and can help you out if you have any manufacture defects. Please check our warranty page for more information.

Can I return or exchange the engraved items?

Please keep in mind that the engraved products are made especially for you, therefore we would not be able to accept it as a return or an exchange.

What happens in case of an allergy? 

Our products are made of 100% natural wood. For any handcrafted procedure we take extra attention and use only hypoallergenic and eco-friendly products.There are very few people who might experience an allergic reaction to wood. If in any case you experience discomfort, such as itching or rush, we suggest you stop wearing the wooden watch and consult your doctor.

Can I get a discount when I am buying many watches for corporate gifts?

Yes! We would love to give you and your firm something uniquely made exclusively for you. You just have to contact us.