Sugar Maple & Olive 46mm

  • The Sugar Maple and Olive 46mm timepiece combines two worlds. The design pays homage to both the Sugar Maple tree, originating in North America, as well as the classic Mediterranean Olive tree in Greece. The handpicked Driftwood fuses perfectly with the intricate wooden dial of the Olive wood, forming a natural symbiosis.

    • Wooden Case: Sugar Maple & Driftwood
    • Wooden Dial: Olive
    • Wood Finish: Satin
    • Strap: Italian Genuine Leather
    • Strap color: Camel
    • Metal Rings: Vintage Brass
    • Watch Hands Type: Diamond Cut / Stainless Steel Gold Plated
    • Movement: Swiss Ronda
    • Crystal: Scratch-proof Sapphire
    • Buckle & Lugs: Stainless Steel 316
    • Diameter: 46mm
    • Water resistant: YES
    • Weight: ~46gr
    • ** wood shade might be slightly different due to the unique nature of each wood 





Inspired by the wandering nature of a traveler, we equip your watch packaging with the essential supplies for its new journey. From our microfiber cloth to keep it clean, to its own travel pouch to keep it protected while on board.
We even put some sand from Mykonos for it, to remember its origin.


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